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Custom Buildings to Your Specifications

Mr Pole Barn post frame buildings are engineered for strength and efficiency. Every building design has quality workmanship throughout.

Our buildings are available in a variety of sizes and options in door, windows, skylights, liner panels, and insulation to fit your needs.

Mr Pole Barn buildings are available in any length with standard widths of 12 to 80 feet wide and side walls from 8 to 20 feet high..

Mr Pole Barn trusses hold 30-125 psf (pounds per square foot) live-load roof specifications, for heavy snow or weather loads.

Our buildings can expand readily as your business grows.

We also sell steel buildings up to 200-feet clearspan, or a combination of steel and wood frames.

Mr Pole Barn can design and custom build to your specifications.

All estimates are free.


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Post Frame Buildings
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